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A Vital Link In Your Health Stewardship Program

It is so hard for me to take time for recreation. Partly because I love both my professions and so I tell myself I don't need a hobby or other diversion.

I am a midwife and a web designer. My midwifery practice grants me many very close and rewarding relationships, opportunities for creative, intuitive problem solving and the satisfaction that I am making a difference in the world. My web design contracts give me opportunities to be creative in an artistic way. However, I realize that even though I have a job I love, I still need to take a break for recreation.

Recreation must be distinguished from leisure. Leisure is entertainment, like watching TV or going to a movie. Recreation is active, like riding a bike or taking a walk in a park. But to be the most satisfying it must be something you enjoy doing. For example, I could go for a walk, but it is just another chore for me unless I am walking with a friend and we are deep in conversation.

It is important that we find something that is recreation for us. Not just another chore. Then we must make room for it in our busy calendars. Our health stewardship depends on it.

Chris Duffy, BS, LM, CNHP, ND

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