Health Stewardship Education

" " Modalities of Health Stewardship

To the left are the modalities of health. Each area can by studied and improved. And that improvement can be measured to encourage more growth. Each modality is governed by principles designed by God, as dependable as gravity! You cannot trust another to make you healthy. It must be a personal quest.

Everyone growing up in the 50's or 60's remembers the familiar motto of Smokey the Bear, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" To rephrase that, "Only YOU can prevent disease!"

Health is a spiritual gift that we must steward. We need health to fulfil the commission to love our neighbor. God gives each of us time and opportunity to minister to others. But both time and opportunity pass. If we learn to submit to the laws of nature and steward our health, we may live a long a productive life.

If anyone desires healing, he must learn the principles of health that God designed. Then repent for the way he has treated his body and begin sowing the seeds of good health. Because poor health is simply the fruit of small seeds sown day after day, pleasing the flesh. We have believed the lies of the chemical companies, the government and the medical establishment, that man can do what ever he wants to the body, God's creation, without consequence.

It is common knowledge that artificial ingredients are harmful. That is why every other label in the grocery store says, "NATURAL". (They lie so easily!) Some think that they can disregard their daily habits and hope that modern medicine will cure them twenty years down the road. Others chase miracle vitamins and herbal formula fads to cover the multitude of their health "sins." But these approaches seldom yield lasting benefits. Health is not elusive if you understand the principles and laws of physiology. But it requires a pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Knowledge is relatively easy to obtain. Buy a book and read it. This is the first step. After you have a little knowledge, you can discuss with your friends and exercise your brain by questioning your assumptions, the assumptions of the authors and your peers; not for the sake of argument, but for growth. The Pharisees marveled at young Jesus' questions. They did not seem offended by them; at least not at this time in his life. Similarly we must learn to discuss without causing offense; it is an art. This will test your knowledge and probably give you more questions. And you may persuade the other to consider your thoughts on the subject.

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I hope you make yourself a regular visitor of The Health & Freedom Network. Health Stewardship will cause your faith to grow.