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" " Elimination & Cleanliness

A Vital Link In Your Health Stewardship Program

The term elimination covers the removal of waste products from each individual cell, all the way through to the movement of the bowels and emptying of the kidneys. Because we cannot see or feel the activity of the cells, it is easy to overlook it. But, in fact, the elimination of waste products from each cell is a vital link in the maintenance of your health.

To illustrate, think of each cell as a house on a street, each tissue as a neighborhood and each organ as a town. All the cars and vehicles are different kinds of blood cells or factors contained in your blood. The streets are blood vessels. The sewer is the lymph system.

Each person in each home would represent a function or an organelle in the cell. There are many functions necessary for good health. But we are only examining elimination at this moment.

Let's call this town Bedrock. Suppose the sewer backs up. This will force Fred and Wilma to correct the problem. But they can only do this if the problem is just their own house. Until the problem is fixed no other chores get done. If it is a city wide (or organ) problem you can imagine the stench. Disease is backed up cellular waste causing all the cells' chores to stop.

Cells quit working everyday in your body. But it does not effect the health of the whole body until more cells are quitting than can be generated to maintain order in the community. An additional problem is the ingestion of toxic chemicals. No, this is not usually a container with a skull & cross-bones stored under your kitchen sink, but, sadly, rather the artificial ingredients in most of the food in the grocery store.

Imagine what would happen if several cars came to the Flintstone's house and threw eggs and toilet paper all over. What a mess! Perhaps the Rubble's might help clean up. But probably Fred and Wilma would have to do it. That would leave alot of other tasks undone and put Fred in a really bad mood. Now he has to fix the sewer as well as clean up this mess.

That is how the cells of the body react to pollution. They either cannot keep up with all their tasks or they get in a really bad mood, disease. Similarly, even if you eat fairly well, but do not remove the normal waste products, the backup of pollution effects the cells. That would be like a strike of the Bedrock Waste Management Union. The first couple of days it does not effect the Flintsone's or the Rubble's. But after weeks of no trash pick-up throughout town, everyone is unhappy with the smell and disease starts to spread.

The colon is your body's main Waste Management Department. There are several things you can do to keep it functioning well and avoid a Union Strike. Eat natural foods, exercise regularly, and maintain excellent elimination.

First, eat a diet high in fiber, not by adding bran to your breakfast cereal, but rather eat foods that are unprocessed. Eat salads and organic whole grain bread. Eat raw fruit and raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Keep your meat to a minimum. Eat GBOMBS daily! And READ the labels! The FDA approves chemicals that are poisonous to cells, but because they cannot be traced they allow them to be used in your food.


Cleanliness is only partially accomplished by bathing the skin and brushing your teeth. Each organ of elimination must be cared for in order to have complete cleanliness. And in fact the skin and teeth will not be healthy without internal cleansing. This is because all cleansing of cells is accomplished by the blood. So our goal must be a clean bloodstream. There are five organs responsible for eliminating toxic waste from the blood.

These organs of elimination are the bowels, the kidneys, theliver, the lungs, and the skin.

All this is based on the principle that God's design is perfect and He did not create anything that we need fear. "Lord, help Thou our unbelief!"

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