Health Stewardship Education

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A Vital Link In Your Health Stewardship Program

Knowledge can be acquired by reading and listening, but understanding comes by asking the Lord to teach you a subject, searching the scriptures to establish the principles of your life. I never tell anyone to stop using the medical establishment or to do what I say. (Although, that is how some people may hear what I'm saying.) I refuse to be someone else's guru. Only YOU can steward your health. If you are only parroting the latest fad or submitting to your doctor, you will be ruled by fear and unbelief in a crisis. You must come to your own convictions based on principles you have made your own.

Wisdom is the jewel. What is the wise thing to do in a situation? I thank God that he gives wisdom in the moments when we are moved with compassion and willing to look foolish; when we act out of love. And He makes something good come of it. In Proverbs many chapters are devoted to knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Ponder them and apply them as principles in your life.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Start your health stewardship education by forsaking the false doctrines of modern medicine. Examine every "fact" promoted in your reading in light of God's Word. He created us and the food we should eat. If you are still able to make decisions for yourself, you can regain your health and freedom.

I hope you make yourself a regular visitor of The Health & Freedom Network. Health Stewardship will cause your faith to grow.