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" " Chiropractic Care

A Vital Link In Your Health Stewardship Program

Each of us is an electrical organism. There is a current in each of our cells and a current runs between our head and toes. Our body is very sensitive to any impediments to these currents. A chiropractor can relieve many of these impediments. Usually you will feel instant relief. Other times it may take many adjustments before you feel the difference. If the problem originates in your diet or lack of exercise, those areas need your attention also. A chiropractor is an important and helpful asset when we don't feel well. But only you can steward your health.

There are many different philosophies among Chiropractors. Find out how they view health before you begin chiropractic therapy. I prefer a chiropractor that has similar views about our God-designed, self-healing bodies. Many chiropractors only focus on the spine, while others have a holistic full-body approach. Don't settle for the first one, but do your homework. Ask your friends and relatives. Perhaps your health food store will have a business card for one in the neighborhood.

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