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" " #57 Natural Source Vitamin C - 34.00

Acerola: The richest sourse of NATURAL VITAMIN C and the main ingrediant in V E Irons Natural Vitamin C.

Acerola - What Is It?

It is a cherry, officially called berry, that grows semi-wild and is native to tropical and subtropical America, especially the Caribbean area. It is a small tree or bush 4 to 10 feet in height. The fruit is a pseudo-cherry but it is not related to our regular cherry species.

The Tree or bush has waxy green leaves, white and orchid colored blossums and bright red "cherries" when ripe. The fruit is fleshy and wrinkled. It wieghs about 1/4 to 1/3 of an ounce and is about the size of an ordinary medium sized cherry.

There are about a dozen different varieties, but those with the high Vitamin C content have 3 seeds per cherry, other varieties have 4 to six seeds.

It takes 17 days from flower to fruit and 25-30 days to ripen. It requires about 12 to 25 "cherries" to supply 2000 mgs. of Vitamin C (as Acorbic Acid). But the Acerola has much more than just Vitamin C (as Acorbic Acid) for example 100 grams of the Acerola juice contains:1

1692.8 mgs of Ascorbic Acid (1200 to 4000 average about 1700)
30.0 mgs of Thiamine
50 mgs of Riboflavin
290.0 mgs of Niacin

Some idea of the richness of Acerola's Vitamin C in 6 ozs. of Acerola juice.

A 6 oz. glass of fresh orange juice contains less than 100 mgs. of Vitamin C while a 6 oz. glass of fresh ripe Acerola cherry juice contains 2590 mgs. of Vitamin C. The green fruit is much higher containing as high as 8650 mgs of Vitamin C in 6 oz.

It would take 50 lbs of fresh raw cabbage to equal 6 oz. of Acerola juice.

The dehydrated Acerola juice contains 25,000 mgs per 100 grams and therefore has 510 times more Vitamin C than orange juice and 1,887 times more than tomato juice. hence, the dehydrated form offers an excellent way to get that extra amount of Vitamin C you might need during the long winter months.

(1) Derse, P. H. and Elvehjem, C.A. Nutrient Content of Acerola, a Rich Source of Vitamin C. J.A.M.A. 156: 1501, 1954

Chris Duffy, BS, LM, CNHP, ND

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