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Abundant Life Newsletter - Vol 5.1.2

You Would Change the World

In the last issue, I suggested going out your door at the same time each week, simply praying and waiting until you see someone to wave at or bless in some way. We are the body of Christ, his hands and feet. We must do the greater works that he has given us to do. When God knows he can count on us, He will give us more to do. But we must become faithful in that which is least first.

This time I would like to suggest monthly Tea Parties. I have been thinking for a while that it is time for another tea party, meaning another act of defiance. But recently, it became crystal clear that I should host monthly writing sessions and call them Tea Parties. We will write anyone that has a position of power or influence in our government. They can be liberal or conservative. They could be police officers, school board members, school principal, mayor, governor or president. Perhaps as you look through the newspaper today, God will give you someone to write. But you must intend to minister to them over time, in relationship.

By this I mean, you should write the same individuals repeatedly over the years. The first time that you write, briefly introduce yourself. We must assume that this is a very busy person. So be succinct. Then, if you like any thing this person has done or is attempting to do, tell him so. Even the most self-assured people have times of insecurity. And wouldn’t it be great if a Christian helped brighten up his day with a cheerful, positive note. I know that God may give you some awful Metzenbaum type to write to. But He will also give you the words. You could simply tell him that you are praying for him and that God loves him. Yes, even Metzenbaum. The purpose is not to give your opinion about a certain legislative act or current issue; but rather to bless and minister, to serve, to wash their feet.

Start by writing the ones you have a relationship with already, the principal of your child’s school or the policeman that lives down the street. Try just a few, and see how easily the words flow. Write to these every other month. Remember, bless and curse not. Always keep a copy of what you write. Make a file for each of your new friends. They may write you back. Over time you will reveal your heart to them, which is becoming more like Christ’s. And you will change the world!


Dear Mr. Power,

The Lord brought you to mind today. I’ve been meaning to let you know that I thank God for your great desire to help our community. And I’m praying for you and your family. God bless you!

Love in Christ,
Betty Believer

A letter like this could be sent to anyone, the president, a police officer or the principal of the neighborhood school. They can be specific as long as you can still be compassionate and encouraging. Let me know what you think or if you would like to come to one of mine.

What's News

Houston Post, May 12th, 1993

A study in London shows “cigarettes and HIV together double the insult on the immune system,” Dr. Richard Neiman of the National Heart and Lung Institute, London. All details were not reported.

H&FALN comment:
If you want to stay healthy do not depress your immune system, but rather invigorate it, by practicing a godly lifestyle. We can always improve. So keep disciplining yourself and learning better health habits.

Houston Post, May 8th, 1993

Caffeine May Lower Fertility. A study at the University of Arizona using female hamsters ingesting low levels of caffeine showed that coffee and tea interfere with the viability of some eggs.

H&FALN comment:
We are not hamsters and human tests have not been conclusive, but coffee and tea have strong chemical effects on the body which should not be used habitually. So try to quit, especially if you are having trouble conceiving.

Lamb's Corner

XVI. Making Bread

Keys to Biblical Research

All scripture interprets itself:

1. In the verse:
a. Right where it is written.
b. A word or words must be interpreted according to Biblical usage.
c. The words used must be in harmony with the verse, as well as all the scripture relating to the subject.
2. In the immediate context, considering narrative development.
3. In the greater context, how was it used before. 

Biblical truths we must adhere to as workmen:
1. Understand to whom or about whom the passage is written.
2. Difficult verses must be understood in the light of clear verses.

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