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Abundant Life Newsletter - Vol 4.1.3

Bad Germs Can't Beat Good Habits

Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. …..Give us this day our daily bread….

Daily bread is a health stewardship principle. Jesus did not have white flour though. And his grain was ground fresh, because they did not have refrigeration, electricity, or zip-lock bags. In fact all he had to eat was whole foods. There were no artificial, processed foods then.

If we follow the habits of our Lord, we will have whole foods for every meal. The bulk of the meal was vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables provide essential micro-nutrients and health protecting phytochemicals.

The fiber of whole foods will clean your intestine. Any time denatured food goes through your intestine, it will produce mucus, putrify and remain the folds of the intestine for days, weeks, or years, poisoning your blood.

This is how digestion is supposed to work: Chyme is the thick liquid that leaves the stomach soon after we eat. It coats the villi (the fingerlike projections lining the intestines which are filled with capillaries) and moves through the small and then large intestines. As more and more water and nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream the chyme becomes thicker and eventually leaves the rectum as stool. If there is fiber in the chyme, it scrubs the intestine as it proceeds to the rectum. But if fiber is lacking, all of the chyme will not all be removed, and this will rot in the grooves between the villi. This bad stuff will continue to put toxins into the blood through the surrounding capillaries until it is removed by a high fiber diet.

Any time you eat a fiberless meal, your fiber count is negative, not just zero. We tend to be very frivolous with our eating habits. We think that we have plenty of time to get our nutrients tomorrow, so we eat any thing we like today. “You are what you eat” is true about physical health and spiritual health, also. God made everything that we must do, in order to live, a reminder of spiritual principles; so that we would have every opportunity to learn these principles. We must take the time to ponder them in our lives daily.

I recommend that everyone purchase the Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence Elson. It is a very good way to learn anatomy while coloring with your children. Learn how God designed the body to function and grow in wisdom, health and freedom.

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Forgive a young mother,
For my seemingly closed eye.
Before you realize it,
So much time has passed by.
But leave it to God to open it.
I’m learning to put time aside,
For my dear family,
Who takes it all in stride.
I would like to be there,
So you’d know how much I care,
I’ve missed the good and the bad
Of this I must make you aware.
The miles between, separate us,
My heart yearns for you to know
How much I love and miss you
More than the falling snow.