Modalities of Health Stewardship


Principles of Health Stewardship

The status quo for americans today seems to be to do whatever you please until there is a problem and then find a medical specialist to fix it. The status quo in the medical establishment is to do testing and call it prevention, then use drugs until you need to do surgery. Therapies that are nutrition and lifestyle based are viewed with skepticism, while the latest poorly tested drug is promoted every 15 minutes on the major TV stations.

Health & Freedom Network is a forum for people desiring to optimize their health and their health freedom. Individuals that want to make informed choices about their health options before those options disappear. Take responsibility for your health and choose therapies that restore the systems of the body, rather than distort and manipulate, by learning the principles of health stewardship.

Health can be defined as the state of optimum efficiency and productivity. Freedom is the state of being at liberty to choose. You cannot have one without the other. The Health & Freedom Network is a place you can come for information, products and fellowship. If you are looking for alternatives to the medical system, this is a refuge. 

We host information that will benefit the health of people & contribute to their health freedom. We welcome input on all these subjects. I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know what you think.


Freedom is the root of everything good.

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