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" "#54 Enzymatic Supplement - 35.00

When taken with food, this product is meant to aid natural digestive processes. Each tablet contains two layers of digestive enzymes. The outer portion contains pepsin, which works in the stomach to digest protein into soluble amino acids, proteoses and peptones. Pepsin is activated by the low pH of the stomach, so people suspected of gastric acid deficiency should take our†#56 Pro-Gest†- which contains a natural source of hydrochloric acid (betaine hydrochloride) - with the Enzymatic Supplement. This outer portion is meant to dissolve in the acidic environment of the stomach.†

The inner portion of the tablet becomes activated in the small intestine, and contains the following additional digestive aids: bovine bile salts that activate pancreatic lipase (a fat-digesting enzyme), and pancreatic substances - amylase (for starch), lipase (for fats), proteases (for protein) plus trypsin, chymotrypsin and other essential proteolytic enzymes.†

Stomach acids can decrease the digestive activity of the tablet’s inner portion. So, it is encased in a natural acid-resistant coating - which is destroyed if the tablet is chewed. For this reason, the tablets should be swallowed whole.†

INGREDIENTS: Pepsin, Pancreatic Concentrate and Pancreatin N.F.

Available in two sizes:
Small - 100 tablets (350 mg)
Large - 250 tablets (350 mg)

Chris Duffy, BS, LM, CNHP, ND

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